Mixed media and nonconventional forms of artistic expression

Mixed Media refers to a specific branch of visual art, where various conventionally distinct art and media elements are flawlessly combined. For instance, a canvas work that perfectly combines ink, collage and paint can be termed as mixed media. Unlike multimedia art, this genre does not combine visual and non-visual elements together.

While coming up with a painted or photographed piece with the help of mixed media, it is highly essential for you to choose the different layers carefully, At the same time, ample time should be given for drying in between different layers which will further ensure that the last work will have a proper integrity of structure. In case you’re using several different kinds of media, it is highly essential for you to choose a proper and robust foundation on which the layers are kept. Different effects can be aptly achieved through mixed media. For instance, traditional artist media can be combined with found objects for entirely different style of self expression. Most of the children’s’ books, too use the illustrations from mixed media.

Other non conventional media forms

Among other non conventional forms of media, assemblage tops the list. This is an artistic form which is generally portrayed on a specific substrate that has several three-dimensional structures that exude from the substrate. It is somewhat similar to collage, which again, is a two dimensional form of media. This art form is an aspect of visual arts and is used by incorporating found objects. However, then too, it is not limited to or restricted to a specific set of materials.

Altered Book

An altered book is a specific branch of media that transforms a book from its original structure into an entirely different structure. Here, both the appearance and the meaning of the book are altered.

In this process, the artist uses a book, (which can be either old, recycled or new) and eventually cuts, tears the pages, glues the edges, burns some sections, paints a part, adds more elements, ensures a process of rebinding and finally comes up with it. He might add pop ups, different kinds of drills, beautiful gold leafs gold leafs, stamps of rubber or even re-ribbon the book. While some change the book entire, others use more than one books in order to come up with the completed art.

The crafting of these books might either, be as simple, and hassle free as adding some text or drawing to a page. At the same time, it can also be as tedious and challenging as completing an intricate sculpture of art. Generally, antique or extremely old books are used in altered books as they are easy to avoid copyright issues.


Exactly the opposite of a regular collage, in this art form, the different sections of an existing image are either torn or removed. The art is finally produced by cutting, tearing away or even removing the several sections of the original and exact image. A slightly similar technique is incorporated in lacerated posters.

Well, know that you know everything about mixed media, check out the various techniques and start painting right away for impeccable visual art.


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A guide on the common forms of artistic expressions

What are the modern forms of artistic expression? Many people have been asking themselves this important question especially when looking for a solution. However, when you do have information on the arts, you will always be satisfied by the quality especially when looking for that perfect form of artistic expression. Here is a guide on the common forms of artistic expressions:

1. Roman Art
Roman art encompasses Pencil & charcoal drawing such as monumental rock sculptures, ceramics, mosaics, bas-reliefs, metalwork, calligraphy, carpet-making, illuminated manuscripts, silk-weaving, architectural designs and frescoes. This makes it one of the biggest contributions to the art world especially when looking for ideas on how it worked during the process.
It is believed to have historical relief sculptures (such as Trajan’s Column) as well as its practical architecture (aquaducts, bridges, roads), ancient Rome was responsible for producing these unique copies of numerous original Greek sculptures, without having many Hellenic treasures that would have been easily lost forever.

2. Tribal Art
This is a short expert’s guide to traditional art of the tribal societies in many countries such as India, Africa, Australasia, Alaska , the South Pacific, and the Americas. Many people also call it Primitive Native Art, as it is extended to stoneworks (temples, sculpture), petroglyphs and earthworks. The charcoal drawing art mainly consisted of portable artworks, such as drinking horns, pagan icons, body armour, paddles, and small-scale carvings in jet, bone, amber, wood and walrus ivory.

3. Greek Art
Highly innovative and technically accomplished by the Greek artists. This set comes in all fine forms of decorative and applied art, notably painting, architecture, sculpture, and glass mosaic. It includes a wide range of old ceramic designs from areas of ancient Greece, like Geometric style, Black-Figure Style, Oriental Style, and Red-Figure Style. This makes it one of the old Pencil & charcoal drawing that still ranks higher in the history especially in sculpturing and modelling with many sculptural masterpieces.

4. Abstract Art
Strictly and broadly speaking, abstract artworks was derive from non-natural subjects like geometric shapes, though wider definitions it embraces all forms of non-representational works. The types of these geometric abstraction are known as concrete art, or more astonishingly the non-objective art. It describes images, which are clearly recognizable easily for what they can purport to be. Going by contrast, the abstract art is made up of pictures, which lack any kind of clear identity. You can find a great example of an abstract piece in the Richmond centre located in Canada. It is still one of the amazing artworks in the modern society.

5. Egyptian Art
It embraces mainly the tomb artworks – such as panel paintings, murals, pottery, Egyptian Sculpture, metalcraft as well as Egyptian Pyramids Architecture. Others includes domestic frescoes, tomb paintings, ornate sarcophagi, goldsmithery, bronze and terracotta sculpture and jewellery. This has made it one of the oldest forms of artistic expressions still existing in the modern world. From its uniqueness, you will always be amazed on how it was done when compared to the Pencil & charcoal drawing that the world has today.

In conclusion, the above is a review of the top 5 common forms of artistic expressions that you should know in the modern world.



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The term sculpture can cover a vast array of art objects. A very broad definition of the word sculpture would state that it is a three-dimensional object.

It is not uncommon to see these almost everywhere. When most people hear the term, they most commonly think of statues, and that would be correct.

However, there are many different styles and types. Typically, they can be placed into two basic types; additive and subtractive. Additive is when mediums are used together to form a piece, and subtractive is when mediums or materials are removed to form a completed piece.

Probably the most common type of sculpture would be a statue. These, anyone can point out. Most likely the most notable one would be the Statue of Liberty, welcoming all who crossed the Atlantic to the shores of the United States.

Another iconic statue would be the one of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse holding hands. The list is really endless of easily recognizable statues. Other types of sculpture are architectural, kinetic, sound, and environmental, just to name a few examples.

An architectural sculpture is easy to find. They are an intricate part of the architecture of the building itself. The pieces may be part of the architecture, or they may be free standing on the building.

This type of work has been around for thousands of years. There are great examples if one was to look at ancient Egyptian or Roman architecture. There are present day examples on many judicial and government buildings as well as cathedrals.

Kinetic is another type that is more interactive, meaning, it moves or requires movement for its completed presentation. The movement may be generated by the wind, water, observer or a motor.

Two common examples of this type of art are mobiles and water features. A lighted piece, whether it manipulates or produces light, also falls under this category. That is because light, whether it’s from the sun, a light bulb, or any other source, is needed for the piece to be a complete presentation.

A sound piece would be very similar to a light piece. The definition of a sound piece would be a piece that either produces sound or manipulates it.

The piece may be a simple structure, but when it makes its sound, it is only then that the piece is actually completed. This may be achieved by a motor, observer, wind, or water.

An example of a sound piece would be wind chimes or even some mobiles. However, there are much larger scale works that have been completed.

Environmental is another example. This can cover a variety of work as well and is sometimes called land art, environmental installation, or urban environment.

In this case, the environment is altered in some way, either added too or taken away to form the piece. Typically, environmental pieces are large enough to encompass the viewer for a total experience.

Sometimes pieces are created for the environment in which they will be placed. Many artists that do this type of work will actually create the piece in that environment, almost using the setting as their studio. Other artists change or alter the environment by adding landscape, rock clusters, terraces, or paths to create and enrich the space.

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Tips And Directions On Basic Painting

Artists and poets are united in their love of nature. Nature sustains them, and creative individuals can never get enough. Watercolor artists depict a scene with a paintbrush loaded with color. The poet carefully selects words to evoke a picture in your mind’s eye. It’s for you to supply memories and associations that make the painting or poem a touchstone you simply must have.

The artist uses color and brushstrokes to soothe your soul and inspire peacefulness each time you view the painting. Poets choose words that express their serenity and joy. Poetry and art paint with words and color in ways that defy logic yet deeply nourish the spirit.

The watercolor landscape artist loves to portray the woodlands, paths, meandering creeks mountains and farms. This is poetry for the artist’s soul. Painting nature as they see it, they become absorbed in their painting and forget of troubles and cares of the day.

Poets paint their pictures with the color of their words, the sweep of their expressions and re-creations of their inspiration.

Acrylic offers are extremely versatile. With acrylics, you are able to up and down fresh paint on any surface. Painting on canvas, is really a fun hobby that creates lasting pieces of art that you should display, sell or give as gifts.

Of canvas items, canvas paper may be the least costly surface for painting on. The paper is suitable for watercolor, oil and acrylic painting. The papers are available in large pads and therefore are easily scammed as being a pad of paper. Available too are comes of canvas paper. The paper will not tear or buckle like regular paper. You are able to mount, matte, place it under glass as well as staple it to some frame. Make use of the paper when you wish to experiment, practice or use for the finished work. The very best factor about canvas paper is the fact that when presented or matted, it’s difficult to tell that you simply did not fresh paint on extended canvas. The standard is excellent too. I would recommend using canvas paper when beginning or practicing but understand that for lasting quality features, you might like to advance to stretch canvas.

Canvas boards or sections. Canvas boards are often very sturdy and comparatively affordable. They are manufactured from a stiff cellulose product, lined having a cotton canvas and primed with gesso. They’re appropriate for all sorts of media, including acrylics, watercolor and oils. Some benefits of using canvas boards are cost cheap they’re thin. It is easy to locate mattes and frames once the painting or jobs are on the thin surface. Some disadvantages are when inexpensively made, these boards can and do warp with time. This is often especially irritating for those who have spent considerable time on the piece.

Extended canvas. Best oil or acrylic jobs are done on extended canvas. Extended cotton canvas is affixed on wooden strips or frames. The staples are generally around the sides from the frame or even the back based on the organization that built them into. The canvas is generally primed having a couple jackets of gesso and is able to be colored on. You will find a number of extended canvases so ensure that you are purchasing the most appropriate one for that medium that you’re using. You will find also different textures from rough grade to portrait grade. Some canvases come colored round the deep edge for any frameless, contemporary look.

Painting on canvas is fun and an effective way for the try to be everlasting. You will find plenty of canvas materials to select from. I really hope this short article has assisted to explain the 3 primary canvas painting surfaces.

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Pastels refer to artistic tools are used to produce natural artistic impressions of all types and nature. In this case, pastels play a crucial role in the design and painting though its effect is not like that of the real paints. That means, the color effects of pastels are more natural and thus making it an awesome tool for the same purpose. Therefore, if you need to produce a replicate artistic impression of a prominent personality, you can achieve the same by using the same tool.

Different types of pastels

There are different types of pastels available on the market. Therefore, due to the purpose intended for the same, you can choose the one that is more suitable or you can choose to have them all. Creativity among the artists has been enhanced due to the availability of different types of the same. To avoid dwelling much on the same, the following are some of the types that are currently available:

1. Soft pastels

Soft pastels have been in use since the traditional times. That means the traditional people had the idea since they could use flower pigments to achieve the same purpose. Nowadays, artists prefer this type due to its quality in terms of color intensity and the ability to blend with other colors. Therefore, if you are creative enough, you can blend different colors of the same to come up with an awe-inspiring color of your choice.

Another important point to note about soft pastels is that they are available in a variety of colors. That means you can use different types of colors to come up with an impressive art without having to fault the same.

2. Hard pastels

This is a bit different from soft pastels due to the intensity of the pigment. In hard pastels, the pigment is in less intensity as compared to the other. One of the similar fact about the same is that they are all made from the same ingredients. Therefore, if you are doing a temporary art painting, you can use this type since the color breaks after some time.

The same type comes in a cylindrical shape and can be used just like the normal pencil. In this case, it requires sharpening before you can use it. Therefore, you can sharpen it to suit the thickness that you will require for your drawing. Hard pastels also come in different colors and therefore, variety is guaranteed.

3. Pastel pencils

It is worth saying that, this type is an average of the soft and hard pastels in terms of its color and pigment. Just like the normal pencils, these are also encased in a wood and can be sharpened to suit the needs of an artist. The same are used mostly for professional or more detailed drawings that may require consistency or regular patterns.

In summary, pastel pencils are so imperative and thus is an asset for every artist. The different types and colors available are also what determines the choice for an artist. Therefore, it is so significant to master the same since they are so crucial in determining the quality of the art.


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Tricky 3D Drawing

We’re almost done getting setup. In the meantime check out this crazy optical illusion come alive before your eyes!


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